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The best solution for hair loss

Many Canadians suffer from hair loss and baldness. It is common in young men and women between the ages of 20 and 30, and not just over the age of forty or fifty. There are many different reasons for the phenomenon of baldness and hair loss, and there are differences between the causes and patterns of male baldness and the causes of the phenomenon and patterns of female baldness. Male hair loss and baldness is more common than baldness in women.

Some of the causes are related to genetics and heredity, especially among men, while some of the causes of baldness are environmental. An example of this is proper nutrition, sun exposure that leads to burns on the scalp and various hormonal changes. Many different remedies are known to try to slow down the phenomenon, but they do not stop the phenomenon of baldness but only slow it down. The only solution that truly eliminates hair loss from the root is hair transplantation.

In a hair transplant performed by a surgeon who is a plastic surgeon by training, the surgeon takes hair follicles from the back of the head, where most hairs are stronger and leave at a much more advanced stage, and transplant them in the more frontal areas of the head where hair loss usually begins earlier (From the bays, the dome and the crown), where the hairs are weaker and thinner. In the case of hair transplantation, the surgeon can also take hair from the area of ​​the beard, follicles from the chest area, follicles from the armpits or follicles from the groin area.

Hair loss is very common in the head area, but it is not confined to the scalp. Some hair transplant patients seek hair transplantation in various areas of their bodies, such as hair transplantation in the elderly, hair transplantation in the eyebrows, etc. Hair transplantation can also be performed after hair loss that begins after trauma and skin damage. An example of a hair transplant surgery is hair transplantation in patients suffering from burns in the scalp area. The damaged and missing areas can be filled in the same way as a hair transplant performed for cosmetic purposes only.

For hair transplantation, the donor area should be shaved, and it is recommended to shave the donated area for optimum results. Non-shave surgery The donated area is usually a longer and more complex hair transplant surgery. After hair transplantation, all the signs of the surgery will usually disappear within two to three weeks of the implantation. Then hair will grow and fall during the first month of transplantation. Hair will grow again, this time in the long term, within about four months of hair transplantation. Final hair transplant results can be seen up to a year after hair transplantation.

Today hair transplantation is the only solution that gives great results over time. Hair transplantation can be performed abroad or in Israel More and more Israelis are choosing to fly and undergo hair transplantation abroad each year. Among the various options for transplantation abroad is hair transplantation in India, and many choose to undergo hair transplantation in India thanks to private medicine, high level, excellent service and affordable prices. You can also combine hair transplantation in India with a trip to a pampering destination in the East for your choice in the healing process and until signs disappear.

This procedure is relatively simple and low risk, because anesthesia will not feel pain during hair transplant itself. After hair transplantation patients often suffer from various mild side effects such as reduced sensation in the scalp area for a period of several months. Although the procedure is relatively easy to perform in terms of the risk involved, but requires a high level of expertise in order to reach natural results, dense, optimal absorption of implants and growth over time.

Hair transplantation abroad has become more and more recommended over the years, thanks to unbeatable prices that do not come at the expense of the professionalism and reliability of doctors, and after a successful hair transplant it will appear dense and natural and not until the age when baldness is much more common (fifty or You will be able to choose whether to extend your hair or cut your hair with a cut cut of your choice The density will never be the same as you were at the age of sixteen, and anyone who tells you otherwise is certainly not telling the truth, but you can see beautiful results within a period of about nine months to a year Transplantation.

So if you are looking for a solution for hair loss and male or female baldness, if you are fed up with looking in the mirror and feeling that the image in your mirror is older and does not match your inner self, you should explore more about the results of hair transplantation in India In India, and join thousands of satisfied Israelis who have undergone hair transplants abroad in great results.


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