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5 Reasons Why Having comfortable shoes is critical to your health!

Shoes go a long way in accessorizing your wardrobe. They depict your sense of style and with such a vast fashion market, you can always wear something depending on your mood! While looking good may be a priority for some of us, FEELING good is also essential. And the only way to feel good is by putting on comfortable pair of shoes. Below are 5 reasons why comfortable shoes are critical to foot health and well-being.


Recent studies have shown that up to 60% of the world's population suffers from feet related complications. These issues range from flat feet, obesity, arthritis or even people who naturally have weak bones.

It is recommended that you wear shoes that are fit for your feet. As flattering as some shoes may look, they may end up causing damage to the rest of your body. For instance, wearing non-fitting shoes will affect the nerves in your feet. You are therefore more likely to have swollen feet and in most cases it will turn out to be painful. The strain on your soles will lead to further complications such as hip and shoulder pains.


Our feet naturally take to the form of the shoes we wear. This means that proper arch support will determine the alignment of your body. Since our feet are at the base of our bodies, all the weight is pushed down on them.

Comfortable shoes will help by distributing all the weight equally. There will be no pressure points and when your feet feel good, the rest of your body feels good.


That's right, comfortable shoes are an alternative source of medicine! Foot injuries are bound to happen all the time be it through minor accidents or illnesses. Whatever the case, wearing comfortable shoes will serve as therapy for your healing bones.

However, this just doesn't apply only to people with injuries. In order to keep your foot health at its best, it is advisable that you put on this kind of shoes all the time.


When your shoe is too small or too tight, a lot of pressure is exerted on your nerves. This leads to the formation of tiny wounds known as bunions on the side of your feet.

Sometimes, the wounds may also form on your sole making it difficult (sometimes painful) to walk. You must always ensure that whatever shoe you're wearing fits properly. Your feet must also have enough time to breathe. If they're closed shoes, say, sneakers, do not tie the laces too tight.


I'm sure we've all seen a lady somewhere walk in a slumped manner due to the kind of shoes they were wearing. This is often the result of wearing heels that are too high or too tight.

The slumped walk tends to put a lot of strain on your back. This will later on lead to back, hip, and shoulder pains. The rest of your body will also be in pain as your weight is not evenly distributed.

You must, therefore, wear comfortable shoes in which you won't get tired easily. Ladies, if you're going to rock that pair of heels, at least carry a pair of flats to change into later on. Wearing long heels for more than 4 hours straight will lead to serious health complications as mentioned above.


Wearing uncomfortable shoes is guaranteed to take a toll on your health. Whether you have perfectly healthy feet or not, there's the perfect shoe on the market for everyone. Take your time to find out what works for you and in the long run, all feet-related complications will be done away with.


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