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5 Health Tips for people who are working long hours

For people who work long hours a day, keeping our health in check may not be on our priority list. This is because it may seem as if there's so little time to do anything else apart from work! Not to worry though, here are some of the best health tips for people who work long hours.

Always Eat a balanced dite!

A proper diet goes a long way in fueling your body throughout the day. As tempting as it may be to grab that cold bottle of soda during your lunch break, you need to cut down on your calorie intake. Instead, fill yourself up on vegetables and enough carbohydrates.

This means that foodstuff like spinach, celery, carrots and all sorts of fruits should be your new best friends. Proteins such as nuts could be a great snack that you quickly have a nib of every few hours. The proper diet not only leaves you feeling energized all day long but also improves brain function. You will be able to concentrate more on work, therefore, yield more productive results.

Protect your feet - wear comfortable shoes!

'You are what you wear'. I'm sure you've heard about this saying before. Well, it not only applies to the clothes you wear but also your shoes! The kind of shoes you wear should be determined by the type of feet you have.

If you have flat feet, you should wear shoes with a slightly raised heel so as to remove all the strain from your heels. This is regardless of whether your job entails standing or sitting all day long.

If you do not have the issue of flat feet, you still need to be careful about what shoes you wear. Shoes with thick soles are great because they are guaranteed to evenly distribute your body weight on your soles. This will prevent the issue of back pains or ankle strains.

Enough Sleep Should be a priority

The average adult human needs about 6-8 hours of sleep for proper body functioning. Now when you work long hours, it is essential that you set aside those 6 hours of sleep aside. As tempting as it may be to go on a night out with friends, your health comes first.

Lack of enough sleep will lead to unproductiveness at work, bad mood, stress and sometimes even bad headaches. It is advisable to not routinely sacrifice your sleep for things which you can always do at a later time.

Have a simple workout

You may be wondering how you could even have time to work out when you're always at work. Well, all your body needs is a few minutes of working out in order to stay at its best.
Twice a week, you could set aside 30 minutes for some intense full body workout. Such include skipping rope, squats, jogging, press ups and sit ups.

Water, Water and more Water!

The first thing you should do when you wake up is have a glass of water. The same case applies when you're about to take lunch or dinner.

The idea behind taking water before meals is to make one feel fuller and therefore not overeat. However, studies have shown that this habit also prevents diseases such as colorectal cancer all while removing toxins from your system. Keep drinking your water throughout the day to maintain high energy levels and productivity.


It is essential to always look out for our health especially if we work long hours. Whether you stand or sit all day at work, the above tips are guaranteed to leave you feeling fresh and healthy all day long!


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